Plumb Up Agin It

Afternoon, folks. Nell here.

I can’t hardly get my breath these days–feels like ever time I turn around, the baby boys (and the girls–yep, I’m looking at you, Virginia Foxx!) down in Raleigh are digging up something stupid or hateful to do to the citizens of the Old North State.

Reckon they have a list or something? No–you folks ain’t getting a break on healthcare. No, you people who ain’t got a job–you’re out of luck. Southern Pines? We figure all that sandy soil must be good for something besides golf–how about some hydraulic fracturing? You don’t need clean water down there, do you now?

Makes me sick to my stomach. I walk around all day with my hand over my mouth, afraid I’ll upchuck.

What I don’t understand is where’s t’other side on any of these issues?  I know folks around here and down in Asheville and such that have their eyes on the ball. But they don’t seem to have any support from their own side.

I ain’t mincing words on this–where the hell are the Democrats?  And why ain’t they working harder and working smarter?  Seems like they just roll over like puny dogs and let it happen.

“It” meaning all this stuff that I can’t abide. It’s like they thought they was coming to a church social when the invite clearly said “knife fight.”

I feel like nobody is looking out for the working folks–am I wrong about that?  “Cause I sure ain’t seeing any signs of anybody fighting back.

Are you?

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