They look mighty happy

happy patJus’ look at those grinnin’ faces. You’d a thought they jus’ signed a big ol’ jobs bill, wouldn’t ya?

Well, it ain’t quite that. Our not-so-honorable governor jus’ rejected health care for a half million people in our state.

Oh, Zelda here. Sorry.

The governor and the Republican legislators standin’ by him are smilin’ because they got their way. Don’t matter none to him that 500,000 people jus’ lost access to health care.

See, people will come in sicker now, and the big drug companies and the medical equipment makers and the rest of ’em will make a lot more money with people comin’ in sicker.

My granddaughter Josephine has asthma and her daddy lost his job year before last when it got shipped to China. Now he works at a big-box store that shall remain nameless here and he can’t get insurance because they keep him part-time.

So, Josie, who is 19, can’t get insurance through her parents. She’ll have to wait until she has an asthma attack before she gets any help. She has applied for Medicaid, but without the expansion, she’ll have to get pregnant to get it because she’s an adult.

As you might imagine, Josie does not want to get pregnant with so much uncertainty. Jus’ goin’ to community college has put her in debt, and when she graduates as a radiology technician, I jus’ hope there’s a job for her.

But Governor McCrory and his friends here look quite pleased with themselves here. My Josie and you and your kin don’t matter a whit to these fools. They can die, but it’d be best if they used some expensive medical care before they go as far as these people are concerned.

Jus’ look at those grins.

Beware the smile of the Devil.

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