We’re number 48

one-room schoolhouseNot that it’s anything to celebrate, but our state is now 48th in the nation on the amount of money it spends on education.

‘Member how smug we used to feel about our education system? Why, just a few years ago, when my grandbabies were startin’ school, we knew they’re gettin’ the best education in the South.

No more. We are trailin’ Georgia and South Carolina., Tennessee and Virginia.

Now, me ‘n’ Nell went to a one-room school house and we learned that “y’uns” was incorrect. So’s “y’all,” but that’s another post, OK?

We learned because education was important to our folks.

“How you ever gon’ get out of here if ya cain’t read?” Mama used to ask us. Mama pretty much taught herself to read and then she taught our Daddy.

Now, Daddy wasn’t so sure he needed to read since she could do it and he could just ask her if he needed to know anythin’.

But Mama said she didn’t want to go everwhere with Daddy for the rest of their life and she didn’t want to have to read menus and phone books out loud.

We all have to believe education is important because it’s harder to fool people when they can think for theirselfs. And to look at the crop of fools we got sittin’ in the legislative building now, it looks like we have way too many of what they call low information voters.

Me and Nell and Mother Cray was drinkin’ our strong coffee after supper last night when we read about this online an’ Mother Cray spewed her coffee everwhere.

Mercy, I shudder to think what Mama and Daddy would think.


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