About the Cray Sisters

We are the Cray Sisters, Zelda (the older by about 4 minutes) and Nelda. We live in the small mountain hamlet of Remote, NC.

We married the Cray brothers, Earl and Ellis, although we lost them in the flood of ’04. They went to try and secure some equipment in which they had a considerable investment, and got washed away. All we ever found was some copper tubin’, Earl’s whittlin’ knife and Ellis’s shotgun, which we keep in the umbrella stand by the door to intimidate would-be evil-doers.

We share our farm with our dear mother-in-law, Mother Cray, who loves sittin’ by the window in her rockin’ chair and drinkin’ strong coffee.

We each have five young ‘uns, all growed up and moved out, so it’s just us, Mother Cray, Rufus, our trusty, droolin’, sheddin’ hound, the mule and a few cows, a dozen chickens and two pigs.

We have noticed ever since we got the cable and the internet, that there is a decided lack of common sense in our state — and in our world overall. We don’t know how things got to be such a mess, but we are here to talk some sense into folks what has none.

1 Response to About the Cray Sisters

  1. Love you blog and thank you for sharing your life! Moved from NC to WA ’bout 3 1/2 years ago and friend Byron shared your blog link. Your blog is a refreshing reminder of my faraway home and peoples.

    How can I receive notice of updates on your blog?

    Do what you do with Blessings,

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