Time to git back into the fight

I hardly know where to start. Nelly said some of what I been feelin’, but there’s so much more. Mother Cray was such a big part a our lives and we hardly could make a decision of any kind without listenin’ for her advice.

Sometimes I think I can still hear her. The rockin’ chair will move an’ the whisper a the wind is almost like her voice. She was so dear to me, I don’t think my heart will ever be whole agin.

Near as we could tell, she was either 103 or 105. She didn’t have a birth certificate an’ she kind of got her years mixed up sometimes. I thought she would live forever, so when she took to her bed, we was all dumbfounded.

Still, I’m glad to know she didn’t have to endure a presidential election with that foul-mouthed, short-fingered vulgarian, Trump, as a candidate.

People say we mountain folk is dumb, but we know better than to vote for a mean-spirited, sexist, racist sociopath who talks about his own daughter like he wants to have his way with her.

Just because we’re farm women an’ we go to church don’t mean we’re dumb enough to fall for the Republicans an’ their backward ways. They call theirselves moral, but I’d for sure like to see where they get their definition.

They want us to shut up an’ do what we’re told, but me an’ Nell have a better idea: We will stand up and fight. We thought we fought all them battles back in the 1960s, an’ here we are, fightin’ them agin, an young women don’t understand what’s at stake because they didn’t experience bein’ fired because you’re in a family way or bein’ told you don’t need birth control unless you’re a loose woman.

I git mad when I think about all those dunderheads in Raleigh and the things they’re doin’ to hurt us all. Mother had a calming influence on us, but now I think me an Nell are ready to git really mad.

We’re startin’ a NOW chapter here in Remote, although we still don’t know whether we’ll stay here or go to Aunt Dumplin’s house in Spruce Pine. I think one a these houses will be a Air B an’ B. We cain’t bear to part with either one. We just got too many good memories in both places.

Anyway, we are back in the fight, an’ we’re fightin’ for our grandbabies. We are fierce, an’ the idiots need to be afraid.




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