It ain’t about love, that’s for sure

flagHey, Zelda here. I been worryin’ about the racists among us here in this country, an specially in the South.

Folks been talkin’ about the Confederate battle flag like it’s some kinda symbol a love an kindness. I was hopin’ we could settle this like growed-up folks, but they’s still some folks talkin’ about “heritage, not hate.”

Let’s tell the truth here: That flag is about a heritage OF hate. Some folks been sayin’ today that the South Carolina legislature caved by votin’ to take the flag off government property.

You might notice that purty much everone talkin’ about keepin’ the flag is white. And it probably is part of their families’ past, but it’s not any more somthin’ to be proud of than if your granddaddy fought for the Nazis in World War II.

Now, the Republicans are standin’ up for it in a cynical act of panderin’ to the folks who claim they ain’t racist.

Well, let me say, if your symbol is offensive to a whole race of people, it needs to be retired. I don’t care if it don’t offend you. In fact, it probably means you’re somebody with a whole lot of privilege.

Now, most of us cain’t tell when we got privilege, but here are some hints:

  • You can git away with pushin’ people around to git your way.
  • You have the power to say y’uns is gonna keep that symbol because it don’t offend you.
  • You don’t care if it offends somebody an you think they’re stupid for bein’ offended.
  • You make feeble excuses, like sayin’, “it’s about heritage.”

If you cain’t see why people is offended by that flag, I’ll bet you believe the War Between the States was about states’ rights an that the slaves were happy and well cared for.

In that case, you’re the one with the problem here.



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