We got a moment to breathe

Zelly here.

We got everthing in the ground an we’re seein’ sprouts all over the dang place.

Lookin’ around at the edges of the property, we’re seein’ berries takin’ shape. The old cherry tree was alive with blossoms, but we only got a few cherries. I guess that cold snap while it was bloomin’ kept the bees away. Pity. We’ll jest have to buy cherries if we want ’em.

Anyhow, did y’uns hear about the South Carolina man who got sick and turned from the Republican party?

He hated everthing about “Obamacare.” Refused to sign up for insurance an then got sick. Turns out he has diabetes, an that caused some mini strokes an then his eyesight started to go. Now, if you know anyone with diabetes, these are things that can happen if you don’t get the care you need.

So, anyway, he cain’t work no more an he finds out he needs surgery to save his eyesight. But since he cain’t work, he cain’t afford his surgery.

That’s because his state, like ours, refused to include poor folk in Medicaid. If you’re growed up an you’re not pregnant, good luck gettin’ health care.

Some folks are callin’ it “close the coverage gap,” but it’s about expanding Medicaid so all poor folk — most of whom is workin’ folk, by the way — can git covered.

It appears he needed to go blind to see the light. He figured he’d git help if he really needed it, an now he knows his buddies in the Republican party never gave a dam about him.

So, he done left the Republican party — said he wants to rip up his voter registration card on national TV to show people Republicans don’t care about nobody but theirselves. Daddy used to say it takes a muggin’ to make a Republican into a Democrat, an I guess that’s  true. This man woulda kept bein’ a selfish lout except he got sick.

He’s still without insurance, though, an still goin’ blind. He set up some kinda crowd funding thing, but I fear most people think he deserves his fate.

I don’t think anyone deserves to go blind or suffer from pain. But as Mother Cray says, karma can be cruel.

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