Spring is here, an Nelly’s still gone

I’m startin’ to think Nelly aims to stay at Aunt Dumplin’s. I miss her somethin’ terrible. She has settled in pretty good an I think she plans to start a book club. I’d be willin’ to drive the truck down there once a week for that if she picks the right books, but Mother Cray an I would really rather have her back here.

I miss my sister.

We been out turnin’ dirt in the gardens this week an she was in Spruce Pine. I guess I don’t begrudge her, but Mother Cray an I had no one to yell at when the governor was talkin’ on TV last week and Nelly was in Spruce Pine yellin’ at the TV there. We all got pretty worked up. Usually, we can calm each other down a bit, but I had such heartburn after the speech I had to take some Tums before I could sleep. I bet Nelly did too.

I also have to get used to sleepin’ with Cedric on the bed. Poor baby misses Aunt Dumplin an home, so I indulge him. He’s a good mouser, so I’ll reward him when he needs it. He likes to sleep next to my head an purr ever time I move.

He likes to come outside with us when we’re workin’ an he usually winds up killin’ somethin’ we don’t want in the house. Got a bog ol’ rat t’other day.

Now that winter seems to be gone, we have too much work to do outside. The grandkids been comin’ up on the weekends to help out, an some a the neighbors are helpin’ with mendin’ fences an’ tillin’ the vegetable beds.

Anyway, me an Nell is burnin’ up the phone wires (funny how we still say that when we got this wireless technology) callin’ each other.  She’s busy bakin’ bread an’ gettin’ involved with a women’s group. She’s tellin’ me we all need to join NOW an’ I’m thinkin’ she’s right, what with all the stupid crap Republican men have been sayin’ an doin’.

Did you know they put language in a sex trafficking bill that said women can’t have abortions if they been used as sex slaves? Yeah, we women need to rise up an put these idiot men in their place.


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