Those Poor Young People

I went into Asheville this evening to set in with some folks holding a meeting about those three young folks that got shot down at Chapel Hill.  There was some prayers said and a couple of people spoke up about how sad they felt and how angry because they are all in college, too and they know how it feels to be young and strong and smart and have your whole life ahead of you.

And I think they felt a little scared, too, because everything in North Carolina feels dangerous and out of control to them. To me, too.  And I reckon to anyone who loves this place and knows it can be better, has been better.

So I just got back here to Aunt Dumpling’s house a few minutes ago and I had that long drive to think about how I feel about it.  About the children, of course, but all of what’s been happening here in the last years.  And I thought about was I scared or was I sad or was I mad.  And I am all them things.  The other thing I am is shamed.  I am ashamed.

Now other way around it.  I’ve been embarrassed and ill as a cat and have shook my head, not even believing what I’m reading and hearing. But it’s all come down to me feeling ashamed of who we are anymore. Who in the world shoots three young people who has their whole lives ahead of them? For a parking space or because they was Moslems or because they were foreign-looking?  For no reason that I can think of would someone do something so awful.

That man is a North Carolinian, just like me. And those fine young people were also North Carolinians, even if just for  little bit.  We are turning on our own, like a mad dog.  No good can come of it. And I don’t have no idea how to fix.

Good night to you.

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4 Responses to Those Poor Young People

  1. Vickie says:

    Thank you for your thoughts on this. It is indeed a sad day for all of us. Sending hugs to you and yours from Hope Mills, NC

  2. maggilynn says:

    Thank you! You speak for so many of us.

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