How the Governor Gave Me a Headache

It has been so cool up here this week.  The wind has been whipping through the eaves of this old house and rattling the shutters. Which need to be painted come spring.

Hey, it’s me, Nell.

I watched the Governor talking about the state of the Old North State. I had cleaned up the things from supper and decided I’d have me some hot chocolate while I watched it. Something sweet and something sour.

I am sorry to say that I can’t hardly stand to look at him.  My preacher would look sternly at me for admitting that, but I can’t bear it. Daddy used to say–grinning like a mule chewing barbed wire–and I always think about that when I look at the governor.  And he squints even though he wears glasses.  He’s a well-off feller from Charlotte so I know he can afford to change his specs.  Maybe he doesn’t have time to do it.

Lord have mercy.  So I drank my good hot chocolate and tried not to look at the tv and just listen.  And that is when and where I run into trouble.

I don’t have the kind of education I wish I did.  Just graduated high school and took some classes at community college. I’m not making excuses now–I am a good reader.  I read my Bible and just about ever thing else I can get ahold of it.  I wear them out at the library–they can’t hardly keep up with me.  Lord, I read the oatmeal box the other day because the roads was so bad they didn’t deliver the Asheville paper.

I know a lot of words and I know what words mean. And that’s what got me in trouble with the governor and his talk.  I could understand all the things he said but I could never figure out what he meant.  I guess I’m used to people saying what they mean–and meaning what they say. But I couldn’t get past all the words to get to what he was saying.

That seems to be the way of it these days.  I know politicians have always been that way.  Something else Daddy used to say–if a politician’s mouth is moving, he’s a lying.

I reckon its because I don’t have much real schooling myself that I hold so with education.  When the governor started up on that, I perked right up. But it sure did seem like he didn’t really say anything.  At least nothing I could get ahold of.

Might just have been me, but I don’t think so.

The old house is getting into shape and is plumb pretty.  I will be happy to get back to farming though–and that’s a fact.

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