Laughin’ with the president

sotuHey, Zelly here.

Did y’uns watch the State a the Union address t’other night?

Well, me an Mother Cray did.

I bet you can guess what our favorite part was.

“I don’t have another campaign to run …”

An’ the childish Republicans applauded — for the only time all night.

Well, my president, who’s dang quick on his feet, answered ’em back: “I know because I won both of ’em.”

Then he grinned. I love that grin, an I hate the disrespect with which these folks treat our president. It just ain’t right.

Mother Cray an I laughed so hard poor ol’ Cedric jumped outta my lap an’ stared at us like we was crazy.

I know most people like to watch the president, but I get a kick outta watchin’ Joe Biden an that ol’ orange creep, John Boehner. He never smiled, never clapped, just set there lookin’ like his mama made him go to church when all his friends was goin’ swimmin’.

We actually stayed up late to watch it. With Nelly gone to Spruce Pine, me an Mother cray have a lot to do to keep up with things around here. Thank the good Lord it’s winter an we don’t have crops to worry about right now.

Nelly says she misses us here at home, but I believe she’s enjoyin’ the solitude. I’ll be glad to have her back here.

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