Twelve Gallons of Aqua Paint

Hey, Nelda here.  Here in this creaky old house, listening to the wind whistling through the eaves. I’m still at Aunt Dumpling’s, sorting and throwing out and such. It really is a fine old place and I believe she got it for a song when she first moved in here.  She was always a tidy soul really but there’s a lot of stuff that caught up with her in the end.

Today, I bundled up three years worth of Iwanna and put them in cardboard milk boxes in the garage.  And once I got them out of the way, I discovered a stash of never-used gallons of paint in Aunt Dumpling’s favorite color–aqua.  She must’ve got one every time she was near a paint store, forgetting she already had it.  I reckon once all the clearing and sorting is done here, I’ll paint the entire inside of the house aqua.  She would like that and if I could find some of that pretty old-fashioned dotted swiss, I might even make curtains for the parlor.

I got me some chicken this afternoon after church and I’m going to make chicken and dumplings for my dinner meal tomorrow.  I kind of wish I had kept old Cedric down here but he needed some more company than just me moping around.  Zelly says he won’t get out of her lap and I know Mother Cray is loving his hairy old self.  I reckon we all need a little comfort right now.

One thing that is here is a big old flat screen tv because Aunt Dumpling loved her stories.  I’m planning to eat some leftover chicken and dumplings and watch the President and his State of the Union address on Tuesday.  I always like that first part when the President says–The state of the Union is—

I’ve been trying to fill in that blank this weekend.  The state of the Union is perilous, as far as I can tell.  Especially here in North Carolina.  Some days it feels like we are barely keeping it together.

Sorry to be so sour. Probably time to try to get some sleep in that big old brass bed upstairs.

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