Farewell, Aunt Dumplin’

Cedric the Fifth was Aunt Dumplin's cat. He's just 4 so we'll have him awhile.

Cedric the Fifth was Aunt Dumplin’s cat. He’s just 4 so we’ll have him awhile.

It’s good to be able to set down for a minute.

Zelly here. I s’pose y’all heard about Aunt Dumplin’. It’s sadder than sad, an me an Mother Cray look forward to getting Nellie back home full time. This place ain’t the same without her.

I’m settin’ here at the computer with Aunt Dumplin’s cat, Cedric, in my lap. He insists I can’t write nothin’ without his presence. I want Nelly to share in that so so I can set down without a cat bathin’ in my lap.

This is the fifth cat named Cedric that Aunt Dumplin’ had. One was a female, but she didn’t want to fuss about comin’ up with a new name, so Cedric it was — and is.

Once she hit 90, the people from Aunt Dumplin’s church started mowin’ her lawn and makin’ repairs to things what broke. I’m glad she lived in town. Made it that much easier for people to drop in an check on things at the house.

Anyway, I been thinkin’ about how kind Aunt Dumplin’s neighbors were over in Spruce Pine. She was pretty old, even for our family, an she lived alone except for Cedric. Her doctor once said she should look into assisted living, but she told him she had plenty of assistance, which she did.

But it left me thinkin’ about all the people who have nobody an how sad that is. Why do we leave old people to theirselves so often? Here in Remote, we take care of each other, but even that ain’t enough sometimes, an there ain’t a whole lot of options for us poor folk who don’t have money.

Makes me glad Aunt Dumplin’ went quickly. I hope I have the same good fortune.


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