We Should Have Sent You a Post Card

Morning, all–this is Nelda.  I know y’uns must think we fell off the edge of the world.  Well, may be you was thinking we were getting ready for an old-fashioned mountain Christmas–which we was. We still hold with Old Christmas up here and they was shotguns and stackcake and we’re still cleaning up a little bit from it all.

But the reason we been so quiet is a sad one.  Mother’s baby sister Myrtle passed away in October.  Mother come from a big family and Aunt Myrtle was the least one and the last one.  I’ve been a little teary about that, honestly I have. The last of a generation and a good generation, too. Hard working, well, hard all the way around.  Strong, filled with faith.

Aunt Dumpling (that’s what we called her since we were kids because she always made chicken and dumplings when we come to visit) went pretty fast and that was a blessing.  She didn’t ever marry–she took care of her mama all the way to the end–so she don’t have kids around or grandbabies.  Her old heart just give out, the doctor said.  Her neighbor came over to help with some canning and Aunt Dumpling was sitting at her kitchen table with her head down and she was cold as ice. She will be very happy that she died with a clean apron on.

It was a small funeral at her church and I saw some cousins I hadn’t seen in a while.  We ate a good covered-dish supper after, too. Well, the long and the short of it is–she left me and Zell the house up near Spruce Pine and I’ve been over here cleaning out and sorting and such like.  Mother Cray and Zell have been up at the homeplace–we got the gardens to bed and the apples in and I’ve been a city girl for a couple of months now.

I was at home for Christmas though and me and Zell was feeling bad that we had let this little project of ours go.  So we determined we’d get back to it as ever we could. I get the paper here and I’ll be honest, I have more time here for reading since I’m not tending a farm. Don’t tell Zell but it’s kind of nice.

I’ll see if I can find you a picture to go on here.

Happy New Year to all yall.

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