We had a weddin’!

equalityNow, everone who knows me knows I can’t keep from weepin’ at a weddin’, and yesterday was no exception.

Paul an Mark got their weddin’ license Friday an’ they asked the Rev. McGraw if he would marry them in church yesterday. He was a little reluctant because there are folk here in Remote what think God will send us all to Hell for allowin’ gay people to marry.

But Rev. McGraw said yes because he believes God would never send people to hell for who they love. Maybe for hate, but never for love.

So, Nelly baked a big ol’ cake an’ some of the other church folks an I made up soup and sandwiches for a reception. We even had enough of last year’s hard cider left over for a toast.

Paul an Mark usually don’t dress up in suits an ties, but they looked fine yesterday.

These two gentlemen have been together for 12 years an’ it’s about time they could get married. I think they were married in God’s eyes the moment they promised to spend the rest of their lives together, but that don’t give them all the rights married people get.

We don’t have a lot of gay folk here in Remote, but most of us here never treated Paul an Mark any different than any other couple. They helped paint the church last year. They mended a fence for us when Mother Cray was in the hospital. God only knows what they done for other people. They’re good neighbors, and we here in Remote appreciate that.

So the church was packed to the rafters for the big event. Even some people who said gay marriage is a sin came.

Mother Cray called a few people to ask why they’re so afraid of Paul an Mark getting the same rights as straight people.

“Maybe you think their gay money isn’t as valid as yours because you don’t go gay-shopping or gay-pay your bills,” she said. “Or maybe you don’t want ’em gay-dining in our restaurants. Heaven forbid they gay-farm on their land, or gay-fix your fence like they did mine.”

She convinced a few people to at least show up and be happy for our neighbors and friends.

Now Paul an Mark are off on an impromptu honeymoon in Charleston.

We, their neighbors, will tend to what needs to be done at their place until they get back.



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