Don’t mess with us womenfolk

pitchforkZelda here.

First of all, some good news. Mother Cray is up an usin’ a walker.

The doctor an her physical therapist said she couldn’t do it, but then they found her standin’ up usin’ the bed for support, so they got her a walker. She says it still hurts to walk, so she’ll  use the walker for a couple weeks.

They thought she would be in rehab for eight weeks, but she’s comin’ home tomorrow, which is good because I jest know I’ll get caught smugglin’ in her flask if she has to stay much longer. I’m sure they suspect.

The doc is amazed at her progress. We expect she’ll be usin’ a cane in a week or two.

I went outside this mornin’ to talk to Nelly, who has been in a snit ever since those old Republican men decided we women have fewer rights than old white men what own businesses so THEY can decide what contraceptives we women get to use. She was diggin’ potatoes an mumblin’. Somethin’ about takin’ this pitchfork an “puttin’ it where the sun don’t shine on those wrinkly ol’ gasbags.”

Yes it’s true that me an Nelly don’t need contraceptives anymore, even if we did still have our menfolk, but we are concerned about our daughters and their daughters. We had the right to decide about our own bodies because women fought so hard for it in all the generations before us.

Nobody likes to give up power an men have had it for 6,000 years. The way they see it is that they get to do what they want an we get to do what they want. Like spoiled little toddlers.

I fear we need to find another outlet for Nelly’s anger. We all joined the National Organization for Women — even Mother Cray from her hospital bed — because we need to stand together, an me an Nell can’t organize a demonstration in downtown Remote until Mother Cray is on her feet again and the crops is in.

We’re workin’ on gettin’ all the girls — daughters an granddaughters — enrolled in NOW because if we don’t stand up now, it’ll be too late. I say we start yellin’ about the Equal Rights Amendment again. The court can’t overrule that.




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