We’re not ignorin’ you

Hey, Zelly here. We been really busy lately tryin’ to keep up with all the farm work an all.

Then Mother Cray fell an broke her hip on July 1. It wasn’t a bad break, but she got pneumonia whilst she was in the hospital an it was touch-an-go for awhile.  Dr. Willis called in some specialists an we called the Rev. McGraw to come an sit with us an pray over her.

We was sure she was goin’ home to Jesus, but she didn’t. She says she saw Earl an Ellis an they told her to come back because we still got work to do. They told her they’re right proud of us all gettin’ arrested last year and they want us to keep bein’ activists.

Now, the bone doctor said she ain’t gonna walk again, but Mother Cray plans to defy him. She’s goin’ to rehab on Monday an she says she’ll be usin’ a walker within a couple weeks. Me an Nell ain’t sure about that, but it wouldn’t surprise us none, neither. If she really did see Earl an Ellis, an if they told her she’s gonna walk again, she’s gonna walk again.

We knowed she was on the mend when she started complainin’ about the hospital food — specially the coffee, which she insists is “cricket piss.” We been bringin’ her a thermos a coffee from home ever day, along with some homemade biscuits an some honey. I just hope the food is better in the rehab place because she could be there for a month, an Nelly and me is gettin’ a mite weary from runnin’ the farm an drivin’ back an forth to Asheville ever day.

Anyways, please keep Mother in your thoughts — an whisper a prayer that me an Nell can hold up too.


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