Women is in trouble

all menThe men of the Supreme Court in all their “wisdom” has decided that women’s health don’t matter so much as some crazy people what wants to holler at them an wave pictures of bloody fetuses in their faces, all the while trainin’ a camera on ’em so they can post the women’s names and addresses.

Now mind you, most a these womenfolk are just goin’ to get checkups an/or affordable contraception, but the crazies don’t care none about that. They think they can “save” babies, although they don’t want to help the mamas at all.

Massachusetts had a law that said these folk had to stay 35 feet away from the clinic. They even painted yellow lines to show ’em where 35 feet was so there’d be no mistake.

But these loonies think they need to get closer so women can see the bloody, dismembered fetuses in their pictures, an of course they wanted to be sure to get good, clear pictures of the women to post on the Internet. In addition, most of ’em cain’t spit 35 feet so they needed to be closer. An’ you have to be close enough to drop down an grab someone’s legs so you can keep ’em outside the door.

So the men of the court decided these nuts have more rights than the womenfolk who are looking for health care.

An then the men of the court said the corporation you work for can say you cain’t have contraception to prevent havin’ kids you cain’t afford.

Oh, this here’s Zelda. Nelda’s too pissed off to speak right now, let alone write, and Mother Cray is downright apoplectic.

Know what this goes back to? Eve, that’s what.

See, these loonies think Eve committed the first sin so all womenfolk are bad, an because God said we would labor and have children in pain, that’s all what we should be doin’, whether we want to or not. They say, “if you open your legs, you gotta live with the consequences,” as though women are doin’ it alone.

What it’s really about is patriarchy, which even our departed husbands didn’t agree with. We worked side-by-side with ’em in the fields an they worked with is raisin’ up the young ‘uns. Mother an Papa Cray raised ’em right.

Patriarchs think they can own women, an that they can prevent women from having any power over their own lives. Like the churches that say women cain’t preach an have to “honor and obey” husbands what lord it over ’em.

Now, I think if Muslims or Orthodox Jews had brought that lawsuit it would a been throwed out in pretty short order because these men are religious bigots.

I used to go to a women’s clinic for my checkups because I couldn’t afford the gynecologist an’ old Dr. Hardy preferred to not deal with ladies’ issues. A couple a times, people hollered at me. I hollered back but they insisted I was sinnin’ just by goin’ in there for health care.

I know first hand that these haters are crazy. They advocate shootin’ people who provide health care at these clinics, whether they actually perform abortions or not.

But they just been handed more rights than we have. Their hate trumps our right to choose our own destiny, an that’s just wrong.


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