Attack the frackers!

I am understandin’ that our so-called representatives in Raleigh are approvin’ a fast-track to frackin’.

This is what our mountains will look like if we let them frackers in.

This is what our mountains will look like if we let them frackers in.

Now, I want y’uns to know that we in Remote won’t take kindly to anyone what comes here with frackin’ in mind.

I own my land an if anyone wants to step onto it with any intention of drillin’, we’re gonna find out right quick if that old shotgun in the umbrella stand works.

At least now we know why they was so hyped to git at Asheville’s water.

If frackin’ was so safe, why cain’t we know what chemicals is in it? They went an made it a crime for anyone to say what they’re pumpin’ into the ground an about the radon what comes out with the gas.

You remember radon — the invisible gas what causes cancer?

An if you thought coal ask ponds was bad, jest wait an see what gets stored in ponds near frackin’ sites. An while we’re talkin’ about the damage done by frackin’, why ain’t they talkin’ about the earthquakes in Oklahoma what’s bein’ caused by frackin’?

Now that the Moral Mondays has started back up, Mother Cray is thinkin’ about goin’ back, just to hear the Reverend Barber speak and give us hope for a better future. She was quite taken with the courage of the 14 folks what sat in Tom Tillis’s office and waited to speak to him. They was people who make minimum wage, an preachers an a retired teacher’s aide. One woman was very pregnant.

Course, he hid from them. He has run from Reverend Barber at least twice. He won’t speak to anyone from the Movement because he’s a bully an bullies is almost always cowards like that. I think Kay Hagan should campaign on what a big ol’ bully/coward he is. Jest show some of the footage of him runnin’ away. It’s on You Tube.


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