Well, Fox News, you wanted him, I say you can have him

bundyHey, Zelda here.

You know that lawbreakin’ rancher out in Nevada who has all the right-wing nuts up in arms (literally) against the government? Well, it turns out he’s a lawbreakin’ racist  rancher.

He gathered a few of his followers around for a little press conference yesterday, and as luck would have it, the press was there too. So, when he started philosophizin’ about “the Negro” and how much better off them folks was as slaves, there became a public record no one can deny.

Now, I live here in the backwoods of North Carolina, an I know the word “negro” is long outdated. Folks with African ancestry perfer to be called African Americans, although the term “black” is still acceptable.

I also know no human being should be held in slavery an that every person should have an equal chance at a decent education an a good job. When you cordon people off into towers of apartments that aren’t near jobs or banks or grocery stores, an then you give their children a shoddy education, an then lock up a quarter of their men folk, what do you expect?

Well, apparently, if you give someone a sense of entitlement an allow them to believe they don’t have to pay to graze their cattle an let them call their friends in to point guns at the law, they turn into asshats like Cliven Bundy.

This man has stolen somethin’ from us, the taxpayers. He owes the government more than $1 million. He has had his day in court an lost.

He claims he don’t recognize the authority of the United States government, but he jabbers on about his First and Second Amendment rights as though that weren’t nothin’ to do with the government. An he rides around on his horse with a big ol’ American flag, as if that weren’t nothin’ to do with the United States government.

Still, the militia and white supremacist folks came runnin’ to his side, their rifles in tow, an then they pointed them rifles at United States government officials, which I believe is called treason.

Even after he an his buddies said they’d a put the women up front if shooting started, right-wingnuts like Fox News still supported him.

So, what now, Mr. Sean Hannity? You still gonna support him? I’m sure some a your bubble-headed followers will.

I swear, if I was Cliven’s mama, that rifle would be a paddle for his sorry ass.



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1 Response to Well, Fox News, you wanted him, I say you can have him

  1. Sandra Andrews says:

    Right On!!!!!!

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