The governor backs out

squintyZelda here. I hear our governor won’t be coming to the western mountains today.

Don’t git me wrong, I’m not unhappy that the squinty-eyed monster we call governor backed out of speaking at Moogfest in Asheville today. In fact, I prefer to have him stay away from my mountains.

I still cain’t figure out why he thought he’d be welcome here in the first place. Some folks say he was invited; I think he mighta asked. Either way, he musta heard about all the opposition to his appearance and the big demonstration planned, so he stayed outta town.

The man has the thinnest skin I ever heard of. He gits his shorts in a bunch every time anyone says anythin’ bad about him — which I suppose means his shorts are in a bunch pretty much all the time.

The General Assembly comes back next month, which means more mischief. But the Rev. Barber will be back with tens of thousands of people to protest the immoral decision them folks made last year.

Mother Cray says we need to go back, although not to get arrested again. Once was enough fun for one lifetime, she said. We done made our point. But it sure will be good to go back and cheer on some other folks.

One more thing: Don’t forget early votin’ starts tomorrow for the primaries. Your vote counts, so go vote!



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