I thought spring was here. I was wrong.

nevadaMe an Nelda and Mother Cray is sittin’ at the kitchen table watchin’ it snow.

Smack dab in the middle of April an we git snow. Good think we held off on plantin’ most of our stuff. We covered the cherry tree this mornin because the blooms are already off an the fruits might git damaged.

So what do y’all think of this character in Nevada what says he don’t have to obey federal laws because he don’t recognize the government. He probably pronounces it “gummint.”

He’s been grazin’ his cattle on OUR land for 20 years. He has lost every court case an he still refuses to obey the law.

Now, I expect if I moved my cows over to Paul Halley’s land, they’d be confiscated if I didn’t move ’em back to my own land. I expect if I told him where he could stuff his court order, I’d get a visit from the police. And I expect if I met ’em at the door with the old rifle, I’d git my butt hauled off to jail an I wouldn’t see the light a day for a long, long while.

But this geezer has friends an they have rifles, an they stood up to the feds. One a the men said they was gonna put women in front a them if it came to shootin’.

Some brave men, huh? Such chivalry.

The feds backed off because they didn’t want another Ruby Ridge or Waco (if you don’t know what they are, Google ’em).

These men are just plain lawless. But we live in a nation of laws, so somethin’ needs to happen to them. Long, long jail terms sounds appropriate to me.

They drag the American flag around an call themselves patriots, but a real patriot would obey the law of the land or work to change it. As far as I’m concerned, there ain’t no defense for this kinda behavior.

These people are bandits, not heroes. They’re stealing from all of us because the land they’re on belongs to all of us, not just to them.

In case you forgot what happened the last time folks decided they didn’t have to live by federal law. They seceded and the feds came in, guns a blazin’. Millions died before order was restored and it was proven that the federal government’s laws do apply to all of us.

Now, I don’t know or care which side of that conflict anyone’s folks was on, but I will bet that y’all aren’t lookin’ for another fight like that. I know we ain’t.

I don;t think this is over. I think the feds just pulled back to come up with a new game plan. These clowns don’t know it, but they ain’t won.


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