Court dates an goin’ off the grid

coal ashHey, Zelda here. Me an Nelda was just outside puttin in kale an collard and early peas. There’s nothin like workin the soil in the spring just as the sun starts to warm it.

Gettin our hands dirty takes away all our cares.

We had our first court date an was I was found guilty, although Mother an Nelda wasn’t. I guess it was on account a I was seen singin’ my heart out on the video an Mother an Nelda was seated on a bench because Mother was weary from all the travel an excitement.

I think I was singin “We Shall Not Be Moved.” I guess that lady judge wasn’t impressed with my singin voice. That’s OK, we weren’t too impressed with her neither.

So, rather than go back agin and agin — my attorney said it might be six or more times, an I cain’t afford that — I did some kind of prayer thing that makes the conviction go away after a year or somethin like that, as long as I stay outta trouble. I cain’t make any promises about that.

I’m lookin at the news and seein all the poison bein pumped into our environment by Duke Energy, whilst our governor says he’s not at fault an admits he thinks Duke will git away with makin customers pay for the cleanup.

We’re thinkin of gettin solar panels to cut back on the amount of Duke’s energy we has to use. Some of the hippie farmers here in Remote got ’em an they love ’em. One of ’em has a solar powered water heater an a compostin toilet. I don’t see as we’ll take it that far.

We heat the house with our woodstove now. Used to have an electric furnace, but Mother said it made the whole house smell bad, so we went back to wood. We pay the Pritchard kid, Donny, to come by in the fall and unload and split it. Saves him havin’ to buy a gym membership.

But then I read in Florida, they’re makin people sign on with the power company. Well, they can make me sign on but they cain’t make me turn that furnace back on or tear down my solar panels. An just for spite, I think I will git me a solar water heater. We still got some insurance money from when our menfolk got washed away in the flood of ’08 an our needs is simple, so we might just go off a the grid.

Except for the satellite stuff. We need that to keep up with the outside world.


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  1. Heather Rayburn says:

    Sign on with Clean Energy For Us — Buncombe. You can get a free energy audit if you sign on before March 31 and reduced pricing on solar and energy efficiency upgrades. http://www.CleanEnergyFor.Us


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