Seed catalogs came an we got distracted

seedsHey, y’all, Zelda here. Sorry we been away so long, but we started gettin’ seed catalogs an we been tryin’ to figure out what to plant this year.

Do we want water resistant or drought tolerant? What with the climate changin’, it’s hard to tell what to do. The rosemary bush we had for 10 years died this winder cause of the Polar Vortex. It was a beautiful bush, too. Now we gotta start from a sprout agin.

We’re lookin’ at corn, a course, pole beans, tomatoes, collards an kale, potatoes, cabbage an onions. Plus we got the apples, cherries, peaches, blueberries, blackberries an grapes.

Our lenten roses by the front porch are startin’ to bloom an some a the bulbs are startin’ to poke up. I can almost smell spring.

But as I look at life being renewed, I been worryin’ a lot lately about what kind a poisons are gettin’ into our water and soil.

Them idiots in Raleigh what believe oil is a renewable resource an that coal ash ain’t poison are jest plum crazy, an they’re the ones in charge a protectin’ the environment. It’s time to be afraid.

That’s why we grow so much of our own food an why we cook from scratch. But then, we ain’t settin’ next to a coal ash pond. Not much you can do when one a them things busts open.

I suppose these folk are bettin’ on Jesus comin’ back any day now. Maybe he will, but I live like it ain’t gonna happen yet. We humans was given dominion over this planet, and that means we’re responsible for keepin’ it clean, no matter when we see Jesus again. I believe he wants to come back to a decent place, not a toxic waste dump.



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