Another year gone

Zelda here, and I have to say, this has been one of our more interesting years, seein’ as how we all got arrested for the first time in our lives. Folks here in Remote is still talkin’ about the three of us.

Course, Mother Cray brags about it whenever given the chance. She’s plannin’ on goin’ to HKonJ in February, although we might have to rent a scooter for that one because it’s a march an she wants to be part of it.

We joined the NAACP in September. That’s pretty much a first for folks here in Remote too, but some is sayin’ they might follow suit since they have come to admire the Rev. Barber too.

The crops coulda been better. All that rain rotted out most a the squash an pumpkins. We did get a ton a blueberries, though, so there was pie.

Me an Nell was talkin’ last night about how much faster the years go by than they used to. We figure it’s on account a how many more years we have behind us now. They all seem to blend together.

But because we became activists, 2013 might prove to be our most important year ever. We sat on our hands for so many years because we didn’t think what happens in Raleigh affected us all that much. But this year, we realized that the passage in Matthew 28 about whatever y’all do to the least of these, means we need to stand up for them.

If we ignored the injustice going on now, I do believe we would be called to answer for that inaction come Judgment Day.

When the Good Lord asks where I was when the devil took over North Carolina, I can say I was on the front lines. What will you say?


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1 Response to Another year gone

  1. Terry Michelsen says:

    In 2014 we can vote for people of conscience, and hope that people of conscience vote.

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