Tummies and Monsters

Nelda here.  We been busier than a one-armed apple picker in October around here.  Actually, we did pick about 30 bushels of apples this year so, if nothing else, we’ll have apple butter (which I love) and apple jelly (which I despise but Mother loves on biscuits and cornbread) to eat this winter.

I get concerned about folks having enough to eat–especially the folks in this drafty old house–and we been spending some time down at the church, building and stocking shelves. Even out here in the country, there’s still people who don’t have enough. Young folks with big families. Old folks whose families have moved to the city and they can’t put in a garden like they used to and are too proud to let their young uns in Atlanta know that they got the rumblies.

But I start ever dang day doing what I’m doing this before-dawn morning–reading the news online. Coffee has perked and I have a big cup right here. Chickens and cow can wait another few minutes. Rooster isn’t even awake yet in this wet chilly weather.

We are in a world of hurt here in the Old North State.  I’m reading about hungry children all the time but there was a story that come out a few days ago about “homeless students”. Now these are kids that are in school but don’t have a place to live. I can’t help but think that is the most shameful thing of all in this shame-drenched state. These young folks are the future and they deserve to have one that doesn’t look like a Dickens book.  If they are homeless because their parents can’t handle money–or don’t have money to handle–that is not their fault, is it? I remember 9th grade, when I didn’t get a new pair of shoes for school because the burley hadn’t sold yet.  The blue shoes I had worn at the end of the last year were too tight and all roughed up. Kids I didn’t even know made fun of me and those shoes–and not in a funny teasy way. I can’t imagine what would happen to a child who maybe didn’t have clean clothes (or a clean body) because they were living rough–in the car, or in a tent somewhere, or…I don’t even want to think about where all. Anyway, NC is high up in the list of states with a lot of homeless students.

Things have seemingly got quiet in the protest department but I’m hoping we are still writing letters and called the governor’s office and such. Are you trying to figure out what to do?  Now that the wood is in and the apples are buttered, I am too.  Wonder how we can work toegther and make this state a better one. Or maybe I should say…a less shameful one. I do’t think I can imagine “better” right now, with that bunch over in Raleigh.

There goes the rooster!  Time to get to work.

Think about it, would you?

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