Is it the end of the world or a little bad weather?

Mother Cray's pecan pie.

Mother Cray’s pecan pie.

Hey, Zelda here.

I spent the better part of my day tryin’ to get some stuff for poor Mother Cray as her asthma has flared up agin.

The grocery store looked like everone was expectin’ the Apocalypse or somethin’.

I don’t get it. We might get some ice and snow tonight because, well, it’s that time a year. It’s called winter an it comes around sure as anythin’ ever single year about this time.

People was runnin’ around grabbin’ eggs, milk, beer and toilet paper as if they wouldn’t get outta the house agin until things thaw out in April.

Now, that may be the case in Montana or the Yukon, but here in the mountains a North Carolina, we can usually git out within a few hours of a storm — a few days at worst.

Me an Nell an Mother Cray plan to crack open the first batch a hard cider, mull it with some spices an sit in front a the fire for a spell. Course, the cows will still need milkin’ and we’ll have to gather in some eggs, but for the most part, we welcome this kinda weather.

Snow an ice means the last a the crops are in and all we worked for the last couple a months is done. Now we can get ready for Thanksgivin’.

We only have about 18 comin’ this year. Some a the younguns are visitin’ in-laws an we’ll get ’em for Christmas. But we have two 20-pound turkeys we’ll brine all night tomorrow an’ Wednesday, an then we’ll cook ’em real slow with cornbread an’ lamb sausage stuffin’.

We’ll have homemade green bean casserole — none a that store bought soup — biscuits, broccoli an cheese casserole, corn puddin’, sweet potato casserole, mac an cheese, mashed potatoes (with plenty of real cream an butter), cranberry sauce (made from scratch because it’s EASY), glazed carrots, collards, black-eyes peas … an for dessert, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie an chocolate cream pie.

An of course, whatever everone else brings along.

Then on Friday, know what we’re gonna do?

I’ll give you a hint: We ain’t gonna spend one thin dime anywhere.

No Black Friday for us. We’ll sit and drink some mulled hard cider, eat turkey pie and other leftovers an maybe work on the quilt for the next grandbaby, who probably will be announced at Thanksgiving dinner. It seems we get word of another one ever year about this time.

I think people gone done and complicated the holidays way more than they should be. This is a time of year to settle back and be grateful that the work we done all spring, summer and fall will sustain us through these cold months.

We have time to enjoy the folks we love this time of year because all the work of sustaining ourselves has been done. We can be thankful for that as we pop open a hard cider and slather a piece of pumpkin bread with homemade apple butter.

I am so thankful for Nell an Mother Cray an Rufus. I am thankful for a home with a woodstove and chickens and cows, pretty good crops and great friends and family. I don’t need to run out on Thursday or Friday to buy stuff to prove I love the people in my life, am I am truly thankful the people in my like don’t expect me to do that.

If you feel you have to join the frenzy an battle people for dibs on material goods, I feel more than a little sorry for you.

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