They’re tryin’ to trick us!

Zelda here. My boy Gerald got a letter from Blue Cross Blue Shield the other day an it said his rates is about to quadruple.

Course, it didn’t say he could go to the marketplace (which he already did) an get more coverage for less money.  He got a lower deductible, an because he an his wife make less than four times the federal poverty rate for their family of five, he’s gettin’ a big tax deduction to help pay fer his premiums.

He’s gettin’ more insurance for less money in the marketplace.

I wondered how many other folks was gettin’ these letters and how many know you can get a better price in the marketplace. I found out it’s only about 3 percent of folks what has insurance on the open market that are havin’ their policies cancelled, an that’s because the policies really only covered the insurance company’s ass, an that ain’t legal any more.

I looked up some a the folks who been on TV, especially on Fox News an CNN, and they all got the letters an didn’t go to the marketplace to see if they could do better. They just started screamin’ about gittin’ robbed.

Stupid people. Of course the insurance company isn’t gonna let you know how to get a lower price. Those greedy bastards just want to get more a your money.

Don’t fall for it! Don’t be a damn fool! Go to the government web site an sign up there.

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