Well, now, don’t he make our state look like idiots?

So I looked at my computer this mornin’ and young Josie had sent me a link to The Daily Show because Nell an Mother Cray an me all go to bed long before it comes on.

An there was North Carolina — agin. They was talkin’ about suppressin’ the vote an they interviewed a real ass, some Republican official name a Don Yelton. Made me ashamed to say I’m from the mountains.

He went on about how anyone can get a free photo ID, which is NOT true. The DMV charges for ’em.

Then he said he ain’t bigoted. Well, he paused a minute before he said it after he was asked.

Then he went on to say one of his best friends is well,… uhm, … black. He was anythin’ but convincin’.

At one point the interviewer even said, “You know we can hear you, right?”

But Yell-on, I mean Yelton, kept on goin’ about how the new voter laws wasn’t aimed just at blacks; it’s aimed at suppressin’ ALL the Democrats. He even seemed proud of it.

He talked about havin’ a picture of our president as a witch doctor settin’ on a stump like there weren’t nothin’ wrong with that. He says it was makin’ fun of his white half. No, if you want to make fun a white folks, you dress ’em in a tuxedo and put a martini in their hand.

Just look at it for yourself, but don’t judge all us in the mountains by this jackass.



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