Lord Have Mercy But My Back is Tired

Nell here. Spent the evening caulking a couple of places in the barn door by the light of a kerosene lamp. Mother Cray told me it was her mamaw’s lamp and she’d whup me if I broke it.  She would have, too.  But it give me just enough light to do a quick and dirty job on it and it made the place right warm. The cows was glad of it and I will be too when I’m milking in the morning.

Before that I was busting up kindling for the wood stove and taking out all my ill about the bone-idle worthless lumps that live in that big barn in Raleigh.  Lord, I wish I could just think of them as wayward animals–I might not get so worried and mad with them.  But I can’t and so I do…and instead of laying around holding onto my belly and moaning, seemed like a good time to bust up a big box of kindling.

Instead of feeling all my nerves, I did something useful. I’m wondering if the legislature ever does anything useful.  Zell says no…in fact, she said “hell” no, so I know she’s a-feeling it tonight.  Can’t help but think about folks that ain’t got a place to stay or ain’t got heat or are going to bed with empty stomachs.

Mother Cray is getting together a box of food to go down to the church for their food pantry.  We all got to do what we can do to help folks as needs it. That’s what Mother and Poppa always said and I stand by it.

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