So it’s back to normal, whatever that is

Right behind John Boehner there is North Carolina's own Vivian Foxx, an' we're none too proud of havin' to claim her.

Right behind John Boehner there is North Carolina’s own Vivian Foxx, an’ we’re none too proud of havin’ to claim her.

Looks like them Republicans in Washington got what they deserved for their trouble: Nothin,!

I have to say, I laughed when what they got was income checks on the health care marketplace. They don’t seem to know that’s in the law already. I didn’t know that until I heard it on the TV last night.

Rachel Maddow was tossin’ purple index cards with the GOP demands on ’em. Mother Cray was in bed already, but me an’ Nelly laughed loud enough to wake her an she joined in the fun. We celebrated with a little hard cider and re-enacted Rachel tossin’ the index cards.

Now all that’s left is to wonder if they’ll try an do this again come January. I think they might be dumb enough to try, especially that Meadows boy. He is dumber ‘n an old hound, an that’s in insult to the hound. Sorry Rufus.

He voted against reopenin’ the government. That little McHenry fella voted the right way for a change. I’m plannin’ on sendin’ him a thank-you note. I don’t bother writin’ to Meadows anymore because he’s hopeless.

So, we can go visit the national parks again and Peggy Lawson down the road can git her WIC again, so her baby will be born healthy.

Well, I’d best git to puttin’ up pumpkin butter. Them pumpkins ain’t gonna roast themselves.



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