On the wrong side

palinOK, I just had to post this because it’s just too dang funny.

These fools think I won’t know whose fault the government shutdown is. Lawsy, how dumb do they think we are?

And I have to ask, do they believe this cow flap themselves?

They stand with their hands over their hearts and look all doe-eyed at the World War II Memorial and ask why the president won’t open it up again.

Well, jelly brains, he cain’t. You Tea Party types shut it down and now are refusin’ to open it. I know who’s at fault and so do most of your constituents (Are you listenin’ Mark Meadows and Patrick McHenry?)

An now Michelle Backmann and her cronies say they’ll start impeachment hearings because the president hasn’t reopened the government what THEY shut down.

We had to take Mother Cray off the Internet an shut off the TV because all this stupidity was makin’ her blood pressure spike, an that’s not good for a woman of her years.

I don’t think our foundin’ fathers ever pictured this kind a crazy in the Capitol.

How fur will these wingnuts take this? We’re just two days away from defaultin’ on what we owe. That ain’t never happened before.

Can you feel the panic risin’?

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