There was consequences when my kids acted like this

ww2 memorialHey, folks, Zelda here.  We finally got the apple butter put up an now I got some time to talk about the shutdown.

We got a friend here in Remote, a WWII veteran whose daughter drove him all the way to Washington, DC, to see the memorial honoring folks what served in that war. We figure it’s Jim Oldenfield’s only chance to see the memorial seein’ as he’s 89 and his health is failin’.

They planned the trip an Candy, his daughter, took offa work to go, an they drove for two days. They left after church on Sunday an got there Monday night.

On Tuesday, the Republicans shut down the government and the memorial was closed. Roped off with yellow tape like there’d been a murder there, an Jim just stood there, tears a runnin’ down his cheeks at the emotion of it all.

Then a Republican congressman came up an started talkin’ about how the White House done closed the memorial an he pointed at Jim an a couple other people as if he wanted to open the memorial for them.  I wish the press had been there for this because Candy says her Daddy gave that politician a piece a his mind.

He said he wants Obamacare to stand because Candy an her husband an kids are gonna get insurance for the first time in 12 years.

“You got all you need,” he hollered. “You got more ‘n you need, but you want to take my kids’ health care away. You voted to deny me entry into this memorial that was built for us folks what served 60 years ago and now you stand here an pretend it’s somebody else’s fault. Did you ever serve your country? I bet not. You’re a filthy hypocrite, that’s what you are!”

He shook his cane at the congressman, who ran the other way.

Candy says that’s the liveliest she seen her daddy in a long time. She cain’t remember who the congressman was, though. I hope it was Paul Ryan or maybe Ted Cruz.

Jim got to sit by the memorial an think about the folks he knew who never came back. Folks who fought alongside him in Europe and North Africa.

Don’t let them Republicans fool you. They’re the thugs what shut down the government so they could repeal Obamacare an take health care away from 50 million Americans. They’re the ones what take food outta the mouths of pregnant woman, babies and children so they can make their rich friends happy.

They can stand at the WWII Memorial and cut the police tape and claim they want to open it again, but they don’t. They’re just what Jim Oldenfield said — a bunch a filthy hypocrites!



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