Hay Fever

Hey. Nell here. I’ve been blowing my nose about every two minutes. I sure do hope we’ll have a little bit of rain up here just to wash away some of the pollen and such. Doesn’t seem fair to get over pneumonia, get the last cutting of hay baled and in the barn only to spend the rest of the nice weather blowing my nose. Granmaw used to have a jim dandy cure for hay fever but I can’t quite remember it. I’ll have to see if Mother Cray remembers it. Honey and whiskey probably.

I’ve been listening to the radio and wondering when they are going to shut down the government in Washington, DC. Is it the First of October that the lights go out?  I’ve been poking around on the internet, in between blowing my nose and putting Vicks VapoRub on my upper lip, trying to understand what will happen if they do.  Seems like nobody knows for sure and everybody has a guess and each one sounds worse than the last.

Here’s what’s itching me, though–all the scare tactics.  Seems like everybody wants to keep us Americans ignorant and scared out of our britches. Nobody in charge seems interested in making us stand up and be brave, or wants us to be as smart as I know we really are.

Ignorant and scared, like a snotty-nosed little kid. Hahaha. That ain’t the America I grew up in and it ain’t the mountain way neither. We are clever folks up here–maybe not so much book smart as land smart, and cunning like a fox is cunning. You don’t need to talk down to us so we understand. We may speak slow but our brains don’t work slow.

And the folks we put on charge in Washington, DC, and in Raleigh, NC best take heed of that.

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