Where does the time go?

Hey, everybody. This is Nellie. I believe to goodness that all this mess in Raleigh has made me sick. I need to apologize to you’ns—and Lord knows Zelda is ill with me–for slacking off on the cause. We had our little patch of bright leaf to cut and dry, and I believed I picked 3 bushels of greasy cut short beans and then had all that to fix and can.

And then I got sick. Old folks used to call it p-new-mony fever but Dr. Willis kept me at the hospital for a couple of days and gave me more antibiotics than I have ever took in my life.

Anyway, I’m better, but I missed a lot of Zell and Mama’s adventures down to the statehouse. I’ve been writing letters and sending emails–law, I even started sending text messages to the governor. But I’m back on it now and you are likely to hear more from me before I’m done.

Because they’re gonna have to take me out of this house feet first, with my boots on.


the view from my featherbed while I was getting better 



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