Blah, blah, blah, all night long

talkin' tedSome people don’t know when to shut up.

The senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, is one of those people.

Zelda here, and I am still tryin’ to figure out what in tarnation Ted was doin’ talkin’ all night. Blah, blah, blah, an I’ll bet he never spoke one word of truth, except when he read “Green Eggs & Ham.” You know that puts one a my favorite Dr. Seuss books into the Congressional record, don’t you? Yep, it sure does. It’s probably the only positive thing that sour old pickle done since he got to Washington.

He’s one a them folks who want to get rid a any kind a social safety net. Let people die in the streets, he don’t mind so long as he gets his. Take food away from young ‘uns, but make sure he gets his dinner.

He swore he would filibuster as long as he could stand, but it wasn’t even a real filibuster, just a waste a time. I kept hopin he would fall down flat on his nasty face.

I want to know if he got bathroom breaks, since I know I have to use the bathroom ever few hours. Or maybe he had one a them pee bags strapped to his leg so he wouldn’t have to move.

I know, Nell tells me all the time I think a the durndest things.

Anyway, I bet he’d say he’s pro-life, even as he tries to get rid of the new health care law an cut food stamps an destroy public education.

He’s for the death penalty, he jest loves war (unless our president says he wants it). Where is he pro-life? He ain’t pro anythin’ but Ted Cruz. Once he’s got his, y’all can die in the streets.

Someone said on the Internet this mornin’ that if Syria don’t start behavin’ we should threaten to make ’em take Texas — an Ted Cruz with it. That’d make ’em sit up and settle their differences.



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