Apple season keeps us busy, but …

apples2Hey, Zelda here.

We been pretty busy harvestin’ apples and makin’ apple sauce, apple butter, apple cider, apple jelly, apple pie an apple cake. We make apple fritters an apple turnovers an of course, hard cider.

Safe to say we been out a touch with the world the last week or so.

Anyhow, we all set down to supper night before last an there was the news that another poor sick soul listened to the voices in his head an shot a bunch a people in Washington’s Navy Yard.

Fourteen dead, includin’ the shooter. But we ain’t doin’ nuthin’ about gun laws because everbody’s got a right to own one.

Mother thinks we should git rid of Ellis’s gun now. Nell would have a hard time with that, I reckon. Ellis brung home some great meals with that gun. But he ain’t here no more an we don’t even know if the gun would work if  we went and got ammunition and loaded the thing up. It just sets there in the umbrella stand, ready to scare off evildoers who have yet to show up on our property.

Mother thinks the ax would work jest as well to scare folks off. Maybe she’s right, but I’m gittin’ a little old to be chasin’ down young hoodlums with an ax. I can’t fling it near as far as I used to.

Then, this afternoon, I come in for a break and there’s news that orange-tinted, drunken, crybaby dimwit, Boeher, is plannin’ to shut down the government if he an his kind don’t get their way on Obamacare.

They done voted 41 times — that’s right, 41 times — to repeal the law, at a cost of some $55 million (think how many folks that would have fed for a year).  It’s the law, but that ain’t good enough for them because they’re such bad losers.

I cain’t wait for my young uns and their young uns to get insurance.

An then I see our DHHS secretary has appointed another friend to help polish up her image, at a cost to us taxpayers of some $93,000 a year. This after she paid two kids who worked on the governor’s campaign $80,000-plus for jobs they’re not qualified to have, then paid her husband’s buddy more than $250,000 to be a “consultant,” an another crony about $100,000.

But we don’t have money for raises for teachers.

Let’s see, it takes about a month for that cider to go hard … I think I’ll see what else I might have on hand. I’m gonna need some help to get through the next news cycle.



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