Poor Nell is beside herself

hayrakeNell’s been spendin’ most a a her time outside of late. She cain’t bear to watch the news or read much more on the Internet.

This mornin’, she said there’s hayin’ to be done and she left the house with tears in her eyes to hook up the mower to the tractor.

The NC legislature over-rode the veto on drug testing people what need assistance, as though people poor enough to qualify for assistance had money for crack and pot. And they’ll do background checks too, so if you ever made a mistake, you can not be redeemed in the North Carolina government’s eyes, and your young ‘uns can starve. I guess their motto is, “Never forgive, never forget.”

Then they over-rid the veto on immigration.  The law makes the amount time that an employee could work without undergoing a background check in the E-Verify system nine months , ‘stead of 90 days. That makes it easier for big, rich, corporate farmers to hire immigrants what ain’t got papers.

Since these people is so scared of gettin’ caught, the farm bosses can abuse them, underpay them, whatever they please.

In other words, the legislators had to choose between their hatred of anything foreign and their love of big corporate money. Money won. I mean, it’s not like they was gonna be nice to the immigrants, so it’s OK to them.

We thought about hirin’ someone to help us this year, but all this bad bullcrap in Raleigh has kinda energized us.

If and when we do hire somebody, we promise to do right by them.



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