Where’s McCrory? Runnin’ from us, that’s where.

I just heard the governor is in Hendersonville today for the Apple Festival parade. Seems he wants to present the Order of the Long Leaf Pine to businessman Jeff Miller, the right-wing nut who ran for Congress before Mark Meadows did.

Now, no one knew about this appearance until the last minute because our governor is not a fearless leader. He fears us.

Now, he won’t admit that. He jest keeps pretendin’ he’s right with all the evil stuff he’s doin’. And he keeps avoidin’ we the people.

Lawsy, I would love to git up in his face, but I cain’t because he’s always in hidin’.

When he went to Asheville t’other day, he snuck in the back entrance of the restaurant because there was folks protestin’ out front and he didn’t want to have to explain hisself.

Then he sat with that little lizard, Timmy Moffitt and they smiled like they was best buddies. Smug little rats, them two.

The only time he come out to talk to anyone was when he offered that poor young woman a cookie. I think he was tryin’ to prove he can be hospitable. What he proved was that he jest don’t git it.

Today he’s in a parade because he don’t believe anyone will confront him there. I would. I wish I’s a known earlier. I’d a gone jest to walk alongside him and ask him some hard questions. I probably woulda been arrested agin.

I ain’t afraid of bein’ arrested agin, mind you, but Zelly would have to run the farm pretty much by herself and I know that would not make her happy.

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