On this anniversary day

50th anniversaryNell and I watched the 50th anniversary March on Washington on TV. It was just too far to travel and Washington is too big a place for us to git lost in.

We heard they had to shut down the escalators into the subways on account of the crowds.

It must have been a most excitin’ day for everone who got to go.

We remember the day 50 years ago when the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech. I like to call it up in the Internet ever now and then to listen to those beautiful words.

We all dream of a time when people will be treated with dignity and respect.

I know when me and Nell and Mother Cray venture out of the small hamlet of Remote, people hear our country accent and assume we are stupid. Well, we are not. Our grammar and spellin’ might not be perfect, but I would love to see some highly educated city folk run our farm for a week with no prior instruction.

We all have the knowledge we need to do what we do. I couldn’t run a bank, but that banker can’t survive without the food we who work the land produce and we need his (or her) expertise.

All people deserve respect.

On this anniversary of that heaven-inspired speech, I think we all need to remember that.

If you git a chance today, search for the I Have a Dream speech and listen. Really listen.


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