Now what?

The crowd from Mountain Moral Monday.

The crowd from Mountain Moral Monday.

OK, it’s Zelda here. We ain’t wrote in awhile because we been busy with the crops an all.

All this rain has ruint almost half our crops. The squash is puny, the tomatoes cracked. We’ll just have to wait to see how it all comes out in the next month or so.

So, how many of y’uns was at Mountain Moral Monday? We couldn’t move because everone was packed in so tight. Can you imagine what 10,000 people looks like all together? I really can’t because we never got a view of the whole crowd. But I can tell you what it feels like — excitin’, that’s what!

That little Timmy Moffit was there, grinnin’ an pretendin’ to listen to people. I heard he wanted to talk to the Rev. Barber, but the Green Grannies told him now was not the best time. I swear, that man’s mama didn’t teach him manners.

We got to go up onstage with the Moral Monday arrestees, which is where I snapped this picture. Can you see how far back that crowd goes? Mercy!

Anyway, the radicals in Raleigh don’t care how mad we all are. They have decided to trash voter rights and Mother Cray might not be able to vote because she don’t have a birth certificate. I know it will be a big fuss whatever we have to do, but she is determined to vote. I think we might git her an absentee ballot and let her mail it in. They ain’t askin’ for IDs through the mail.

An the big news is that squinty-eyed puppet McCrory finally vetoed somethin’. Apparently, he cain’t abide asking folks on public assistance to pee into a cup. I was a disaster in Florida, but the fools in the NC General Assembly don’t care. They just want to be mean.

Now, who’s plannin’ to go talk to Rep. Mark Meadows at one of his town halls? I know I have a few choice comments to make.

I went to see that little gnome Patrick McHenry. He’s right proud of votin’ to repeal the health care law 40 times. He said the only reason he ain’t voted more times to repeal it is that he ain’t had a chance to.

Now, he downright loves the popular provisions like making insurance companies sell policies to people with pre-existing conditions an allowin’ young ‘uns to stay on their folks’ policies until they’re 26 an no lifetime caps … all those things that have taken effect already an people love? Yeah, he likes those, but he says the law is “bad policy.” Funny how he couldn’t be more specific than that.

Let’s see how Mr. Meadows answers our questions.



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  1. Susan Fischer says:

    Missed you two! :0)

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