Finally! A Moral Monday closer to home!

We will take back our flag from the un-Americans!

We will take back our flag from the un-Americans!

Looks like Mother Cray will get to use her new portable rockin’ chair again! Moral Mondays is comin’ to the mountains and we plan to be there.

Mother says this time she’s gonna meet the Rev. Barber an shake his hand. She ain’t felt this much life in her since before our men died.

Lots of times, people who are filled with greed an hatred get to be in places of power, but we the people can git rid a them, even if they’ve done gerrymandered the hell outta our districts. All that’s gotta happen is they piss off 70 percent of the population, and this bunch is about there.

Teachers are mad, so are parents an doctors an folks who care about the environment an voter rights and women’s health care an on an on …

They say more ‘n 10,000 folks turned out in Raleigh this last Monday; I bet we can git that many or more in Asheville. We mountain folk don’t take kindly to takin’ our votin’ rights away or our water, our airport or our Ag Center, to changin’ a county government an then sayin’ you’re for small government. This bunch has over-reached an we need to let ’em know!

I think we might get to take the church bus down there this week an then caravan the rest of the folks from the greater Remote area down behind it since nobody will have to get a motel room unless they want a few beers after the rally to celebrate this new movement.

I feel like we’re a part of history and we’re on the right side a things. It’s our Constitution an our flag an OUR country. It’s “We the People!”

Sorry, I know I’m gittin’ a little worked up, but wait till you hear the Rev. Barber. It makes my heart beat faster jus’ thinkin’ about it.

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1 Response to Finally! A Moral Monday closer to home!

  1. jo4875 says:

    Right on! See you there!
    I’ll be holding up my sign for equal education for all of our children. Can you believe we must do this in 2013????
    You are right, we are going to vote those crazies out of office, and soon!!!

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