Mother’s still cryin’

Zelda here, and my heart is about broke in pieces. Mother Cray has been cryin’ on an off since Saturday, when she heard that George Zimmerman had been found not guilty in the murder of young Trayvon Martin.

She knows what it’s like when your boy doesn’t come home; she lost her two boys in the flood of ’04. But her boys wasn’t murdered in cold blood.

We don’t know what went through the minds of our men when they was washed away, but we’re sure the last thing they seen wasn’t a hate-filled maniac with a gun aimed at their hearts.

I think about the times I let my kids or grandkids go for a walk to the general store to get some candy. One of ’em even bought Skittles all the time.

What if a stranger had started followin’ my kids? I always told the young ‘uns to run away if a stranger approached, and that’s exactly what Trayvon did. He used his phone an his friend heard his screams for help, but there was nothin’ she could do.

I never lost a kid — losin’ a husband an a brother-in-law was bad enough — so I cain’t really put my feet in Trayvon’s mama’s shoes, but Mother Cray can. She says she wanted to die when her boys died. Me an Nell moved in with her to keep her from dyin.’ It took us all quite some time to want to go on with our lives.

But no one was at fault in the deaths of our men. Someone shot Trayvon. Someone decided he was guilty of something and acted as judge, jury and executioner. That ain’t s’posed to happen in this country, but there it is.

I wonder what would have happened if Trayvon had been white and George had been black. I have to think George would be on Death Row today. I don’t want to think that, but I’m afraid that’s what it is.

Mother keeps sayin’ this just brings back all the hurt, except she’s sure Trayvon’s mama has an even bigger hurt watching the man responsible for her son’s death go free, and then go on TV and not show even a bit of remorse.

“I wish I could just hug her,” Mother has said again and again. “I know it won’t bring her boy back, but at least she would be with somebody who knows her pain.”


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