Ready to go back

rockerWell, we got a foldin’ chair for Mother Cray this time. We found one what rocks, so she’ll feel almost at home.

I think even Nell feels the urge to go back, an she complained most bitterly about the drive an her exhaustion last time. I promised her we can stay over this time. We was all ready to book a room last time, but Nell insisted she and I could handle the trip back. Well, it was 2 a.m. before we got all fed, gassed up an on the road, an it was near daybreak by the time we rolled into Remote.

I hope we can run into that little weasel Timmy Moffitt on the street, seein’ as we cain’t go into the buildin’. I bet he hides there until after dark an then sneaks out little the weasel he is. I would like to let Mother Cray loose on his ass. He might gain some manners before she’s done with him.

We ain’t too happy with that Nathan Ramsey feller, either. He’s a farmer, so I expected better from him. People what work the land should understand issues what affect poorer folks, not turn on ’em and vote to take away their unemployment and vote to deny a half million poor folks access to health care, an’ vote to cut spendin’ for schools, an on an on. I am most disappointed in that young man.

Ever week I get more upset with what all is goin’ on in Raleigh. I would have perferred to go there as a tourist and looked at the museums and visited the Legislature Buildin’ under different circumstances, but things bein’ what they are, tourism will have to wait.

My grandson, Earl Cray III, wants to come with us, but we don’t have room in the truck, so he is plannin’ to go with his cousin Josie an some friends next week so the Cray family will be well represented. Early will be 18 before the next election, an he has promised to vote Democratic. He also plans to work for the good candidates.  He’s a good boy, my grandson. Poor Josie don’t even know where she’ll be able to vote next time since she plans to move to Asheville an go to AB Tech to study nursin’.

Anyhow, we are ready to go. Early an Josie will keep the farm hummin’ whilst we are away, an I think Mother Cray is lookin’ forward to stayin’ in a fancy hotel like the Days Inn or somethin’.

I was too excited to remember to take pictures last time, but I will try to remember this time.

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