Looks like we’re headed back

They want everone there next week.

They want everone there next week.

Mother says we have to go back to Raleigh next week.  She pulled out the Naomi and Ruth card agin and it’s hard to say no when we see all the dumbass stuff them legislators is doin’.

Hey, Zelly here.

They called us a nuisance, like we was gnats, then they called us morons and outside agitators. Now we get veiled threats as they talk about how expensive we are and how we’re cloggin’ up the court system.

Mother Cray said it reminded her of a quote by Gandhi, that nonviolent Indian fella who inspired the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. So, of course me an Nell had to go lookin’ for it. It goes like this:

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you and then you win.”

An then I found this one:

“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result.”

That’s what sealed it for Mother Cray. She saw a video clip where the news reporter kept askin’ people if they really thought anythin’ would change because of their actions. They said pretty much the same thing I’m feelin’, that we cain’t set still while this immorality his happenin’ in our names.

Then Mother mentioned the folks what need help an how there’s no money for them, but did we notice all the flowers along the highway as we drove?

We did. We saw tens of thousands of different colored ditch lilies, places where they ripped out trees and then planted — git ready for it — trees. How come we can afford lilies by the tens of thousands but we cain’t feed hungry children? Where’s the money to help sick children get care or a good education?

An they’re bullyin’ the good people of Asheville, tellin’ ’em to drop the lawsuit an turn over the water system with no compensation or they’ll change the way the city elects its mayor and council.

I want to know who they promised that water system to. Somebody wants it real bad an they don’t want to wait for it.

You tell me who cain’t wait, Mr. Moffitt and Mr. Ramsey. I want to know.

Yeah, I’m worked up pretty good about all the shenanigans in Raleigh. I guess Mother Cray is right. We do need to go back an make some noise.

I hear they’re callin’ it Massive Moral Monday an the Rev. Barber has asked everbody who came to one before to invite 100 people.

Y’all can do this, I know you can.


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5 Responses to Looks like we’re headed back

  1. Doxy says:

    My kids and I will meet you there…..

  2. Granny Rose says:

    I would love to meet Mother Cray on Monday. I’ll make the Asheville-Raleigh commute myself to be arrested with other good folk who are unwilling to have these things continue being done in our name.

  3. Susan Fischer says:

    I love reading your blog every week! I was there yesterday, can’t get arrested but can be counted and supportive. :0)

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