‘Moron’ Mondays? Hell no!

This crowd don't look all white to me, and they don't look like a circus neither.

This crowd don’t look all white to me, and they don’t look like a circus neither.

Apparently NC Sen. Thom Goolsby wants trouble, and I do believe he done found it.

Zelda here, an I am fumin’!

This ninny wrote a column calling our protests a circus, then put quotes around the word “reverend’ when talking about our movement’s leader, the Rev. Dr. William Barber.

Now, I understand the “senator” is a “lawyer,” and he is in charge of the Senate “Justice” committee, but he needs to show a little respect to Rev. Barber and to our movement, which he has dubbed “Moron Mondays.”

He seems to have forgot that he works for us. He called us aged hippies. We ain’t hippies an we never was. We are farm women an we worked hard all our lives to provide for our families. We ain’t lazy an we never was.

As for aged hippies, I did see a few, but then that’s OK by me, since we got a few what bought and run farms in an around Remote and they are good people. Some of ’em been here 40 years.

He said we was mostly white and that ain’t true at all, proof positive to me that he ain’t even looked out the window to see who we was. We are diverse, which means we ain’t all white or all Methodists or all farmers.

Mother Cray still hasn’t calmed down from reading his ignorant rant, an then this mornin’, the governor said he thinks we ain’t all from around here. He thinks most of us is outside agitators.

But the arrest records show 98 percent of folks are from North Carolina. 98 percent. I ain’t the best at math, but I don’t think 2 percent constitutes “most” in any sense of the word.

We don’t need outsiders to rile us up; the Republicans are doin’ a fine job of that all by theirselves, thank you.

“Girls,” Mother Cray said this morning, after she slept on it for a couple nights, “I do believe we has to go back.”

Now, me an Nell are still recoverin’ from the last trip, an we certainly don’t need to be arrested agin, but Mother says we need to go an support those what is gettin’ arrested now.

“They just don’ git it!” she said. “We cain’t stop until they understand we ain’t kiddin’ here.”

We talked her into writin’ letters to the “governor” and the “senator,” and I hope that calms her urge to go back.

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1 Response to ‘Moron’ Mondays? Hell no!

  1. Doxy says:

    Y’all are sheroes. Thanks for fightin’ the good fight!

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