We’re Whupped…but we ain’t beaten

ImageWell, Zelly has put you all in the picture about Raleigh. I was never so tired in my whole life.

Nell here.

I don’t like crowds and I didn’t like being jostled around and I was worried about Mother–but it wasn’t so bad.  What was bad was the drive home in the dark so early in the morning.  I slept so late on Tuesday–I wasn’t up and about until almost 9 and no amount of Mother’s coffee could get me started.

It was a good thing, though, y’all.  I encourage you all to do one of these Moral Monday things. Especially if you live a little close to Raleigh than we do.,

Mother is gearing up to go again and Zelly is right with her.  But I’m thinking I’ll drive them both to the bus station and then come back and pick them up in Asheville.

Then I could get some sleep.

It ain’t stopping either, down in Raleigh. I can’t imagine how much damage that bunch of yahoos will do in the next little while.  They’re talking about raising taxes now–not on rich folks or carpetbaggers or foreign corporations. Just on regular folks, like the Crays up here. And you can be sure the county’ll be raising property taxes because of the money being cut from their budgets in Raleigh.

I reckon we’re going to need a cash crop.

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