We has an arrest record!

Well, we’re home now, safe an sound, an we was arrested along with about 150 people for Mega Moral Monday last night. Took ’em six busloads to carry us to the jail house.

Oh, Zelda here. We was arrested last night and released in the wee hours of this mornin.’Moral Monday June 3

We got into Raleigh yesterday an went to the Davie Street Presbyterian Church an the nice young man there sent us to another church, the Martin Street Baptist, because it was bigger.

But even so, it was jammed with folks what wanted to be arrested and “witnesses,” an we sat down with the ones what planned to exercise their Constitutional right to go into the Legislature Building.

That Rev. Barber, the NAACP fella, is one fiery preacher, let me tell you. He had us clappin’ an wavin’ an chantin’. We filled out forms so they could keep track of us an then we went to the Halifax Mall out behind the Legislature Building.

Now the TV News says there was about 1,000 people, but I know it was way more than that because you couldn’t even see the stage from the back. I was there, I tell you and it was way more. I’m not sure where they was, but we was in the thick of it, chantin’ and singin’.

Then we what was gettin’ arrested were told to go over to the side an we walked inside the buildin’ two-by-two. By the buildin’ I mean the place our taxes paid to build and maintain and where everone who works there is paid with our tax money.

The police gave us 10 minutes to leave, but we stood there an they finally told us we was under arrest.

Me an Nell got our hands cuffed behind our backs, but we persuaded hem to put Mother Cray’s hands in fronta her so she wouldn’t lost her balance. They took everthing we had on us an put it into big envelopes, then they groped around to make sure we didn’t have any explosives hid in our brassieres or undies, which we didn’t, of course. Mother didn’t even have her flask.

Well, they loaded us onta the first bus, I guess because Mother is so old, an they were careful to keep us together because Mother was a little scared, or at least they thought that’s why she was cryin’. I know it was because she was so proud to be an American at that moment. I felt it too.

When we got to the jailhouse, they took off our cuffs an moved us from bench to bench to bench. First in one room, then another. It went on for hours. Hurry up an wait.

But we finally got out and people in the lobby was snappin’ their fingers because they was told not to clap for us. We got lots of hugs and a state senator was there to greet us, as was the Mayor of the good city of Carrboro, who also got arrested.

We signed some more legal papers and then went to the parking garage for some food before a nice lady drove us back to the truck, where Mother had a swig of blackberry brandy to celebrate us being civil disobediants!

It was an adventure of the highest order. Everone was so nice — even the police. We didn’t see none of the Republicans what are misbehavin’ so badly. We didn’t see the governor.

I think they fear us.

I think they have good reason. We are gonna win this fight!

Forward together, NOT ONE STEP BACK!

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1 Response to We has an arrest record!

  1. Trish Ciaffone says:

    I just want to say how much I love you all. This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for standing up for the ordinary people of North Carolina. That took real courage. Mother Cray should be proud of herself, and you too. Again, thank you.

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