Mother ain’t backin’ down

As Nell said last night, Mother Cray has pulled the suitcase out from under her bed and she’s ready to head to Raleigh. She plans to carry her good white leather purse and wear her white gloves and Easter hat.

This, she says, is a occasion.

I have told her she can’t bring her flask into the Legislature Building, but she said she knowed that already. We will leave it in the truck, locked in the glovebox.

Mother Cray thinks we all should be arrested together.

“Remember how Ruth stuck with Naomi in the Bible?” she asked. “Wither thou goest I shall go. That’s what families are s’posed to do.”

She likes to bring up Ruth and Naomi when she wants me and Nell to do stuff with her.

Right now, she’s at the kitchen table makin’ up a budget and a plan. We’ll need gas, we’ll need to eat, we’ll bring the big Thermos filled with good, strong coffee because nobody else makes it right. We’ll have to stay over because me and Nell ain’t drivin’ all day just to drive all night. Mother wants to stay at a hotel that has waffles for breakfast, so Nell’s callin’ around.

I’m not real comfortable with all this, but Mother Cray has her mind set, and once that’s happened, you just have to go along.

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