Zelly Beat Me to the Punch

Nell here. I reckon Mother is so tough because she lives on strong coffee, cornbread and ham biscuits. She is a frail old woman the same way Mammy Yokum or Granny Moses–you remember the one from that tv show–the Beverly Hillbillies?

You’re getting the hint now–she is a old woman but she sure ain’t frail.

But you still could’ve knocked me over with a pin feather when she announced she wanted to get herself arrested.  I think we both took it in stride, tried not to get flustered. She’s still talking about it and wondering what outfit she should wear. She got her suitcase out from under the bed.

So I spent the morning giving the truck a good clean-out. I called our mechanic and made an appointment to have him look at the radiator.  Tires are good. Gas is going to cost the world but I reckon we’re heading to Raleigh to get Mother arrested.


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1 Response to Zelly Beat Me to the Punch

  1. Cameron says:

    Oh my God…alrighty. You take good care of Mother! And yourselves. Please tell us all about it. Take LOTS of pictures with your cell phones, film it. So you have evidence and a record of what really went down. One of you try to stay out of the line of fire, someone’s going to have to feed animals and post bail. I’m not kidding. Get a strategy, if you’re going to do this. I think Mother Cray rocks! Please be safe – you’ll be in our thoughts!

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